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Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics – an old military adage that upcoming space strategy game Falling Frontier took to heart. You’re not only designing your own ships of all classes in this sci-fi RTS, you need to establish stable supply lines and collect vital intelligence if your conquest of the game’s procedurally generated star systems is to be successful.

A new trailer for the upcoming title developed by Stutter Fox Studios and published by Hooded Horse details recent adjustments to its combat system. These changes have improved several key aspects of the space battles presented in Falling Frontier such as movement mechanics, missile tracking and countermeasures, and the damage model.

In addition, the UI has been updated to make tasks like managing point-defense cannons easier. Tactical slow-motion and a free-range orbital camera have been added so that players have more options to view enfolding battles or buy themselves some precious time to give orders.

Demonstrating all these changes is a brutal fight between two different and brand-new patterns of Hano-class destroyers hailing from Mars and Titan. Clashing over Saturn, the heavily armed ships go ham on each other to showcase exactly what players can expect from Falling Frontier’s gripping battles.

You can watch the all-new trailer here:

Falling Frontier will be released into early access on PC later in 2023 and you can now wishlist it on Steam.