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The first big Sons of the Forest update is out, and some fans aren’t happy with how it changes Kelvin's AI. Your first companion and, unless you recruit Virginia, sole friend on the island is quite a bit more helpful now than he was when the survival game had its Steam-breaking early access launch at the end of February, and while you might think that’s useful, others miss the old Kelvin (thanks, GamesRadar).

Kelvin started life by chopping down trees you were building something in, dropping radios on the ground and breaking them, and staying at the fishing hole all day if you accidentally forgot to make him stop fishing. Now, he’s far handier around the campsite, and it just isn’t the same.

“Kelvin isn’t Kelvin anymore” one Redditer said.

Another insisted they would replace him with the first cannibal that walked into their camp, and one used the Godfather “massacred my boy” meme in response to the patch notes.

Regardless of how you felt about his former foibles, there’s no denying Kelvin needed some work. After Sons of the Forest entered early access, the series’ subreddit filled with Kelvin jokes and ridiculous situations where he got himself killed or just spent the entire game without doing anything or providing you with any resources – amusing, perhaps, but definitely not how he’s intended to function.