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EA Sports has announced that its FIFA game data center in Mexico City has closed down on January 13, 2023, due to the company’s technology vendor shutting down their services at the location.

FIFA game data centers house the servers for the world’s most popular soccer video game series, providing coverage all over the globe. More than two dozen such game data centers ensure that players of FIFA 23 can get good server connections and enjoy their matches with as little latency as possible – obviously quite an important aspect in multiplayer modes like FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), where the timing of passes, shots, and tackles must be impeccable.

With Mexico City’s FIFA game data center out of the picture, there is a bit of a hole in the coverage for players in Central America, who’ll now have to connect to servers in Dallas, Texas, or Miami, Florida, in the US, or as far south as São Paulo, Brazil, or Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Anyone previously playing on the Mexico City servers will now experience more latency and longer connection times, leading to a worse game experience. However, those problems will also affect players using the aforementioned FIFA game data centers, since those will have to cope with an influx of new users. Due to that, latency issues might affect both player populations.

EA also states that it’s already eyeing options for a replacement, so hopefully a solution can be found quickly.

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