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FIFA 23 offers TOTY Courtois compensation after mistake

EA put the wrong version into packs
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Due to a mistake on the side of EA Sports, some FIFA 23 players pulled the base version of Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois from their FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs instead of the massively upgraded Team of the Year (TOTY) edition – a nightmare for ambitious FUT players.

Courtois’ TOTY card comes in at an overall rating of 96 compared to 90 for the basic gold card. The Diving, Reflexes, Handling, Speed, Kicking, and Positioning attributes were all boosted in the TOTY edition, making Real Madrid’s keeper even more fearsome than he already was.

A soccer player in FIFA 23.

Thibaut Courtois was voted into FIFA 23's TOTY with overwhelming public support.

His TOTY version is not only better between the posts, but also commands a much more impressive price on the transfer market. You can buy a Courtois gold card for around 57,000 coins from other players, but the TOTY edition will cost you around 520,000 coins at the time of writing.

Packing the base version instead of TOTY Courtois is thus a massive loss in every way, and players rightfully were up in arms about this mistake. EA Sports has already admitted the error and communicated a willingness to rectify it, saying that “impacted players will receive the corrected Player Item in-game in the coming days.”

This is still not optimal for would-be traders, since the price of TOTY Courtois might fall in the meantime, but it’s still better than merely getting the base version.

You can get some additional FUT packs through FIFA 23’s newest Prime Gaming offering and earn some TOTY Honorable Mentions players via objectives. TOTY is also not over yet, with another round of releases to come soon – check our TOTY promo schedule for the details.