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Valisthea has opened its gates early for PS5 players as the Final Fantasy 16 demo is out right now. For those unable to wait until June 22, 2023, when the RPG from Square Enix will finally become playable, the company has published a demo version through the PS Store. You don’t need to pre-order the game to access this demo – dipping your toe into it is completely free.

All you need to do is navigate to the PS Store page for Final Fantasy 16 and add the demo to your library from there. You can then download, install, and play this slice of the JRPG on your console.

The Final Fantasy 16 demo contains two sections of the upcoming game, covering the prologue and a special battle segment to let you get a taste of combat. All in all this will be about 4.5 hours of content. You can even carry over your save data from the demo into the final release, if you so wish – that goes only for the prologue bit, though, as the other part jumps ahead a bit.

You can repeat these segments as often as you wish, so this will be a great opportunity to not only dive into the lore, including the backstory of protagonist Clive Rosfield, but also to explore Final Fantasy 16’s combat system. To that end you’ll get control of Clive and several party members with a range of unlocked abilities and accessories.

Final Fantasy fans on PC are still out of luck, of course. While Square Enix is hoping to put out a PC version of Final Fantasy 16 eventually, the studio’s full focus is on the PS5 release right now – naturally, that also means that there’s no PC demo for you to try out.