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Final Fantasy XVI might be the most exciting JRPG releasing in 2023, and the new Revenge trailer showcases exactly why.

The visuals on display are incredible, and the threatening summons look more intense than ever before than to a flashy action combat system that sets this apart from other mainline Final Fantasy games.

The trailer debuted at The Game Awards 2022, hosted by Geoff Keighley. Square Enix also announced during the event that a playable demo for next year’s Forspoken is also available now on PS5 consoles.

In the trailer we see protagonist Clive fighting against dragons, summons, monsters, and much more, often while surrounded by flames. The trailer concludes with the announcement of the June 22, 2023 release date.

YoshiP’s medieval-inspired epic just might be the most visually impressive PS5 game we’ve seen yet, but we’ll have to wait another six months before we’re able to play it for ourselves.

The Final Fantasy series is enjoying a bit of a renaissance. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion got a surprisingly solid remaster recently, and fans are still eager to see more from the next entry in the VII remake trilogy, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

The Game Awards was an incredibly memorable ceremony overall and climaxed with a nod to Bill Clinton.