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Square Enix showcased a new Final Fantasy 16 trailer during PAX East 2023 that takes us on a short tour of Valisthea’s vibrant realms. Clive might be on a journey of revenge, but the world around him is certainly full of beauty. 

The trailer is the first time the publisher has shown off much of the upcoming RPG’s world outside a few dank castles and fortresses, and if you’ve followed the story teases so far, you can probably pick out a few of Clive’s destinations.

Much of the trailer shows Clive walking around Dhalmekia, a coalition of five desert states with Titan as their Eikon. There’s a marketplace, a vast, sandy plain with a majestic waterfall at its edge, and a pristine blue river, and it’s probably the place where Square Enix showed that you can, indeed, pet the Torgal.

Waloed makes a brief appearance, identifiable by its massive purple crystal, along with a few shots of the volcanic Iron Kingdom. The trailer switches to Clive approaching the mother of the Mothercrystals in the Crystilline Dominion, before ending with a shot of Clive, Cid, and Jill looking over the capital of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, nestled against a giant crystal.

Square Enix confirmed during the PAX panel that Final Fantasy 16 will have a performance mode that prioritizes 60fps and a graphics mode that aims for 30fps and 4K. Whatever mode you choose, Final Fantasy 16 features three-second loading times, made possible, so Square Enix says, by the power of the PS5.

Final Fantasy 16 launches for PS5 on June 22, 2023. A PC port is planned for sometime in the distant future, and producer Naoki Yoshida suggested we’ll likely see the game feature in a Final Fantasy XIV crossover eventually as well.