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The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection has been available on PC and mobile since last year, but has finally been given a release date on consoles. Well, some consoles, at least, as there’s one pretty glaring omission.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is actually a collection of remakes for the first six numbered titles in the series. For the most part, they sport a cohesive art style between games, similar features, and a consistent UI, all of which brings the entire collection up to modern gaming standards.

After being released at staggered intervals on PC and mobile devices, they’ll now finally be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch this month, on April 19. You’ll notice that Xbox isn’t in the list there, and that’s not a mistake — the game has not been announced for Xbox, and it appears it might not come at all.

At the time of writing, publisher Square Enix has yet to mention Xbox as a potential platform, and despite a lengthy blog post, only Switch and PS4 are mentioned. There’s no native PS5 version, either, but given it’s all pixel art and is likely to have minimal load times, it’s unlikely that a PS5 version would have been much different.

There is some good news, though. It appears as if the console versions of the games have had a few upgrades and enhancements, including a change to the font that has caused so much frustration and ire among fans of the PC and mobile versions.

The new pixel-style text is much nicer, but still a bit on the small side

The new pixel-style text is much nicer, but still a bit on the small side

Square Enix says you can change fonts, from the (awful) default font featured in the PC and mobile release to a much nicer, although still not perfect, pixel font. The pixel font goes a long way to making the text more readable and less ugly, but it’s still very much on the small side, and I worry for any Switch Lite users interested in picking it up.

The first two games in the series can be preordered right now for $11.99 a piece, while the subsequent four games are priced at $17.99 each. You can also pick up the entire bundle for $74.99, a saving of about $20 compared to buying separately.