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Fortnite leaks suggest a racing mode is coming with Chapter 5

Looks like vehicles will be a focus later this year
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If you ever played Fortnite and thought ‘damn, this would make a fun setting for a racing game,’ then Epic Games may have heard your wish: According to a couple of reliable leakers, who’ve correctly predicted upcoming features or collaborations such as the recent Jujutsu Kaisen skins in the past, Chapter 5 of Fortnite will contain an entire racing mode with casual and ranked play, a separate battle pass, and its own progression system with unlockable cars.

Chapter 5 is rumored to start in November 2023 and will come with a dozen race tracks for the casual racing mode and four for the ranked mode, according to the leakers. They also claimed that the game mode would come with time trials and tutorials, essentially delivering everything you’d expect a full-fledged racing game to have. Supposedly, the main menu will feature a new tab, the garage, where players will be able to check out their collection of rides.

Octane car from Rocket League in Fortnite

Rocket League's cars already have made their way into Fortnite, in Chapter 5 they may actually get to do some racing.

A list of leaked map names suggest some fun race tracks for the mode – names like Driftmania, Sweet Jumps, and Rally seem to indicate the existence of different circuit styles that might best be mastered with different vehicle types.

Fortnite would lend itself quite well to some fun racing in the style of Mario Kart, so kicking off a new chapter in the story of the game with something like this sounds very much on brand for the battle royale title. Speaking of brands: Crossovers with car brands are not something Fortnite has done a whole lot of, which makes sense since the target audience can’t drive yet, but there are enough fictional vehicles in movies, games, and comic books out there to give Epic Games a whole new world of possible collaborations to work with.

November and Chapter 5 are still quite a way down the road, so things could very well change in the meantime, even if this information is accurate – take it with a grain of salt for now.