Fortnite Sandstorm event kicks off by exploding Pandora’s Box

That’s bound to end well
Epic Games

The big Fortnite Sandstorm event Epic teased for the multiplayer game got off to an explosive start – literally. While the sandstorm itself is still, apparently, a ways off, we saw a bolt of light spring forth from Zeus’ mountain, land on Pandora’s Box, blow it up, and skip merrily along the island’s width before heading out to sea.

What that means is anyone’s guess. We haven’t noticed anything else different where the lightning bolt lingered on its journey, and nor does it seem the Fortnite community on Reddit has, either. Pandora’s Box, or what’s left of it, is at the bottom of a shallow river, and that’s about it.

It’ll probably all come together in the next few days or week or so, though. Epic teased that the Fortnite Sandstorm event is a multi-part one heralding the start of a new phase in Myths and Mortals.

In Greek mythology, Pandora’s Box held all the evils and vices of the world – misery, despair, disease, greed, all that fun stuff. Zeus gave it to Pandora and said not to open it, which was a foolish thing to do. Pandora, naturally, wanted to see what would happen if she did open it, and she let all those gremlins loose into the world. Except hope. It stayed in the box as a symbol for humanity’s resilience and the will to fight for a better tomorrow.

Whether hope survived a bolt straight from Zeus remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, if you're after something chill to relax with before the event's next phase, you might want to check out the new Fortnite Lofi Girl map for a bit.

Josh Broadwell