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Developer 11 bit Studios has announced a milestone in the creation of Frostpunk 2, the sequel to the beloved and critically acclaimed survival city builder from 2018: All of the game’s major features have reached playable status, so the focus is moving towards testing and polishing.

According to the developer, Frostpunk 2 will be present at Gamescom 2023, where the press is going to get a glimpse at what the studio has been cooking. A subsequent US press tour is also planned, so expect wide coverage in September 2023. A global gameplay reveal is in the works for “early autumn”.

Frostpunk 2 was recently announced to be released in 2024 on PC during the PC Gaming Show 2023, and the developers have now specified this to happen “in the first half of 2024” – while we don’t have a precise date yet, the launch window is at least getting slimmer.

Set many years after the original title, Frostpunk 2 still has you lead a group of survivors through the icy catastrophe that has gripped the globe and ended civilization as we know it, but is adding new dimensions and aspects to the formula: As people adapt better to the lethal environment and the advent of petroleum-fueled machinery makes a certain amount of prosperity possible again, old and new cultural and political divides begin to show themselves.

You won’t simply have to focus on sheer survival this time and protect your people from external dangers – you need to decide what kind of society emerges from the cold wastes: a relentless dictatorship, however benign, or something more democratic and communal, in which everyone gets a say? Dubbed a society builder as much as a survival game, Frostpunk 2 is treading on new paths for the series. Only two things are certain: It’ll still be bloody cold and you’ll need to make hard decisions.