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Genshin Impact might get a second Star Wars character soon

Oh, muy muy
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Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is so far still the only official crossover character in Genshin Impact, though since she’s absolutely irrelevant in the game’s meta she might as well not exist, but developer MiHoYo is not shy when it comes to putting references to other video games or general pop culture into its flagship title.

During the epic World Quest in Sumeru, players can meet one example of that – an Aranara called Aranakin, who coincidentally despises sand, stating that it's rough, coarse, irritating and gets everywhere. Whether you’re enjoying that one as a cultured /r/prequelmemes member or despair at reading it, you’re all getting what this one’s all about.

Genshin Impact Aranakin.

It's a good thing Aranakin wasn't with us during the last part of that World Quest.

The Daily Quests in Mondstadt, the game’s starting region, feature a young science prodigy named Ella Musk, who does research on the language of Hillichurls. In retrospective that particular inclusion may not have been the wisest decision, but such is the risk when adding references like that.

In any case, fans might be in for an even wilder Star Wars reference in the 3.6 update, which is supposed to be released in the middle of April 2023. The beta tests for this game version have recently started up in China, and despite HoYoverse aggressively going after leakers in the US by legal means a lot of information from these tests has already been made public once again.

Without going into it too deep to avoid unnecessary spoilers, the update will feature a new NPC with a very familiar – and for many of you certainly painful – name: Jarjar.

Yes, the originator of classic quotes like “Noah gain! Noah gain! Da beings hereabouts, cwwazy! Wesa be wobbed un crunched” and “Dissen berry berry bad. Oh! Ick icky goo” might be getting a little nod in Genshin Impact. We can only hope that MiHoYo will show us some mercy and not go all in with the quotes.

We don’t know how big a role Jarjar will play in the upcoming story line, though the achievement containing his name does mention that he’ll provide some challenges for us to complete. Oh, muy muy.