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We’re just gearing up for Genshin Impact version 3.4 to be released on January 18, 2023, but as always miHoYo and HoYoverse are one step ahead of us with their patented drip marketing. Even though we’re already acquainted with the two future playable characters they’ve shown, it's nice to finally have confirmation on their status.

Joining the game’s deep roster in version 3.5 will be Dehya, a desert mercenary from Sumeru, who has already played a major role throughout the players’ adventures in that region, as well as Mika, a member of Mondstadt’s Knights of Favonius, who debuted during Weinlesefest in 2022.

Dehya is likely going to be the 5-star character of update 3.5’s banners and we already know that she’ll be using a claymore in battle from her action scenes during the latest Archon Quests. Her element of choice is confirmed to be Pyro, as hinted at by her nickname Flame-Mane.

Mika, who will probably be a 4-star character accompanying Dehya on her banner, uses the Cryo element. His artwork is also strongly hinting at him being a catalyst user, as he’s depicted with a book floating between his hands.

Before players get a chance to pull for Dehya and Mika in version 3.5, update 3.4 releases with a wave of highly-anticipated character banners featuring Alhaitham, Yaoyao, Xiaxo, Hu Tao, and Yelan, which will certainly deplete the primogem reserves of many players around the world. Version 3.4 also brings a few balance changes to Genius Invokation, the Genshin TCG, which will shake up the meta.

Update 3.5 for Genshin Impact will likely arrive at the beginning of March 2023.