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Genshin Impact Dehya trailer motivates hundreds of players to donate to charity

A grand gesture from the community
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A new update for Genshin Impact is coming out this week, adding fresh character banners and events to the action RPG. Among the new Genshin Impact characters is Dehya, who caught a lot of criticism from the community for being disappointingly weak – but while her attacks may not have the desired effect, her heart seems to be in the right place and made a far greater impact than anyone could have imagined.

Her character teaser trailer, Dawn over the Sand, released on February 23, 2023, shows Dehya’s deep compassion for her people, who are forced to live in a desert next to a lush rainforest, kept out by a giant wall. She uses her income from mercenary work to support poor children, spreading a message of hope to her people that things can get better.

This has touched many players and motivated hundreds of members of the Chinese community to donate to a charity called Project Hope 1+1 in tribute to Dehya’s “Wall of Hope” line in the trailer. This project supports children from rural areas and in a poor socio-economic situation, helping them to keep up in China’s strict education system despite their families’ hardships.

Moved by Dehya’s trailer, many Chinese players donated CN¥6.48 or CN¥64.80 to the project, the donation amount being a reference to the price of one of the game’s most popular bundles with in-game currency. Many donors also used the Chinese names of Dehya and other playable characters from both Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact, another HoYoverse game.

While the project had already reached about 90% of its funding goal of CN¥ 5 million when Dehya’s trailer came out, the Chinese Genshin Impact community easily propelled it over the finish line in just three days, showing the positive impact – pardon that pun – video games can sometimes have.

At the time of writing, the funding has exceeded CN¥ 8 million, far outstripping the original goal.