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HoYoverse cryptically teases Genshin Impact event for August 2023

We have decrypted a date and some city names
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HoYoverse, the developer of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, has cryptically teased some sort of announcement or event related to its global flagship game on its social media channels. No, their posts saying “fjhiupofojof QBSJT OZD UPLZP UBJQFJ” are not a summoning ritual for the Heavenly Principles – as far as we know.

It’s a good old Caesar cipher, named after the Roman general and politician you’re familiar with. It’s a very simple cipher, which essentially just moves the alphabet around by a certain number of letters. In this case, the alphabet has been moved up by 25 letters, giving us the decrypted message “eightonenine PARIS NYC TOKYO TAIPEI” to start with.

Upcoming HoYoverse game Zenless Zone Zero’s social media responded with another message that’s encrypted with Caesar cipher: “Dof uva qbza zhf pa Whptvu?” The letters in this post have been shifted by 19 positions, giving us “Why not just say it Paimon?” as the decrypted result.

To summarize, HoYoverse is teasing something to happen in Paris, New York City, Tokyo, and Taipei on August 18, 2023.

That leaves us with the important question of what exactly is being teased here. Some fans have speculated that we’re about to get some news about the Genshin Impact anime, but others have rightly pointed out that there are no similar messages on any of HoYoverse’s Chinese social media accounts – and they probably wouldn’t leave out their biggest fan base from such a highly anticipated announcement.

It may be some sort of local promotion event for Genshin Impact 4.0, which is scheduled to be released two days before the teased date on August 16, 2023, and brings the new region of Fontaine to the table.

HoYoverse sometimes brings temporary pop-up stores to cities as well, selling merchandise and providing photo and cosplay opportunities, so it could also be related to that. Frankly, there are a lot of possibilities and we just don’t know for the moment.

For now, we’ll have to keep an eye open and await any further hints.