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Genshin Impact: Jeht steals the show on Valentine’s Day

That eye color reveal is what the people desire
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It’s Valentine’s Day, which means many developers and publishers are hosting special events in their games or spice up their social media presence with some cute artwork for the day. Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse is no exception, posting some sweet character illustrations and messages from those figures. Funnily enough, though, the most popular Valentine’s Day artwork does not belong to any playable Genshin Impact character – no, a certain NPC seems to be the Genshin Impact community’s chosen Valentine this year.

Brushing aside the messages sent by Beidou, Lynette, and even Navia, fans have flocked to the image depicting Jeht, a major NPC who players encounter during two World Quest storylines in the desert of Sumeru. Her appearances in these missions have earned her a lot of love and her story has proven to be very engaging for a great many community members. It helps that she’s quite attractive and pretty badass in combat, of course.

Genshin Impact artwork depicting Jeht.

Jeht seems to be the most popular pick for Valentine's Day.

Jeht’s artwork depicts her holding out a gift, cheekily stretching out her tongue. Crucially, it also reveals her official eye color for the first time, as she can be seen lifting the band of cloth that usually covers them. Just like in a popular fan-made depiction of her that debuted during the latest HoYoFair event, an officially sanctioned festival celebrating fan works, Jeht’s eyes are colored golden and brown. In addition, the little automaton Benben accompanies Jeht and is crowned with flowers. Cute!

“It's been so long since we last saw each other,” Jeht’s message said. “Missed me? You haven't forgotten me and Benben, have you? I heard that it's customary to send gifts during some special holidays, so you were the first person I thought of. This is a little trinket I made myself... B—But don't open it yet! Maybe wait till you get back?”

Fans have long been speculating about Jeht becoming the first NPC in Genshin Impact history that could be promoted to become a playable character and her popularity during this Valentine’s Day celebration may serve to give HoYoverse a nudge in that direction.