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Genshin Impact TCG adds Eula, Kokomi, and Sara in 3.5 update

Here's what the new cards can offer
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In addition to a whole host of events and new character banners, Genshin Impact 3.5 also adds a variety of fresh content for the Genshin Impact TCG, Genius Invokation.

Launching on March 1, 2023, update 3.5 expands the pool of available character cards with Eula, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Kujou Sara, who all bring a new talent card with them as well.

In addition, two fresh equipment cards join the game and will provide you with more options in your matches.

We have the full list of additions here, so check out what the new cards have to offer.

Update 3.5 for Genshin Impact has eight new cards for Genius Invokation TCG in store.

Update 3.5 for Genshin Impact has eight new cards for Genius Invokation TCG in store.

Eula – Genshin Impact TCG

Eula may still be waiting for her next rerun in the actual game (it’s been so long!), but at least she gets to appear in the TCG. Let’s take a look at what she can do:

  • Favonius Bladework – Edel: Deals 2 Physical Damage (1 Cryo Die, 2 Regular Dice).
  • Icetide Vortex: Deals 2 Cryo Damage, gains Grimheart (3 Cryo Dice).
    • Grimheart: +2 Damage on the next Icetide Vortex.
  • Glacial Illumination: Deals 2 Cryo Damage, summons 1 Lightfall Sword (3 Cryo Dice, 2 Energy).
    • Lightfall Sword: Accumulates 2 Zeal stacks on Normal Attacks or Elemental Skill usage, but Eula won’t gain Energy. Discards in the End Phase and deals 1 Physical Damage for each Zeal stack.

Eula also comes with the talent card Wellspring of War-Lust (3 Cryo Dice, 2 Energy). Usable while Eula is active, it triggers Glacial Illumination immediately. When Eula has this card equipped and uses Icetide Vortex, it will generate an additional Zeal stack for Lightfall Sword.

Sangonomiya Kokomi – Genshin Impact TCG

Just like in the action RPG, Kokomi is a character focused on healing and applying the Hydro effect continuously, doing so with a summon. Here are her abilities:

  • The Shape of Water: Deals 1 Hydro Damage (1 Hydro Die, 2 Regular Dice).
  • Kurage’s Oath: Kokomi gains Hydro Application, summons 1 Bake-Kurage (3 Hydro Dice).
    • Bake-Kurage (Summon): Deals 1 Hydro Damage and heals currently active character for 1 HP during the End Phase; 2 Usages.
  • Nereid’s Ascension: Deals 3 Hydro Damage, Kokomi gains Ceremonial Garment (3 Hydro Dice, 2 Energy).
    • Ceremonial Garment: Normal Attacks deal +1 Damage and heal 1 HP on all your characters; lasts 2 Rounds.

Kokomi’s talent card is Tamanooya’s Casket (3 Hydro Dice, 2 Energy). Playing it activates Nereid’s Ascension immediately. Once Kokomi has the card equipped and uses Nereid’s Ascension if Bake-Kurage is active, it refreshes the summon’s usages. Bake-Kurage also deals +1 Damage while Ceremonial Garment exists after equipping Tamanooya’s Casket.

Kujou Sara – Genshin Impact TCG

Sara’s card also very much resembles her in-game role as a support character that focuses on assisting other Electro characters. This is her kit:

  • Tengu Bowmanship: Deals 2 Physical Damage (1 Electro Die, 2 Regular Dice).
  • Tengu Stormcall: Deals 1 Electro Damage, summons 1 Tengu Juurai – Ambush (3 Electro Dice).
    • Tengu Juurai – Ambush (Summon): Deals 1 Electro Damage and applies Crowfeather Cover to the active friendly character during the End Phase; 1 Usage.
    • Crowfeather Cover: Character with this effect deals +1 Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Damage; 2 Usages.
  • Subjugation – Koukou Sendou: Deals 1 Electro Damage, summons 1 Tengu Juurai – Stormcluster (4 Electro Dice, 2 Energy).
    • Tengu Juurai – Stormcluster: Deals 2 Electro Damage and applies Crowfeather Cover to the active friendly character during the End Phase; 2 Usages.

Sara comes with her talent card, Sin of Pride (4 Electro Dice, 2 Energy). It triggers Subjugation – Koukou Sendou and causes Electro characters with Crowfeather Cover attached to them to deal an additional +1 Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Damage, boosting its effect.

General’s Ancient Helm and Ornate Kabuto – Genshin Impact TCG

In addition to these three character cards, Genius Invokation gets two new equipment cards that can fill the artifact slots of character cards during a match.

General’s Ancient Helm (2 Dice of the same element) grants its wearer 2 Shield points at the start of the Action Phase, whereas Ornate Kabuto (2 Dice of any element) grants its wearer 1 Energy after another character on their team uses an Elemental Burst.

We’ll probably see a few of these cards pop up in our Genshin Impact TCG best decks list once the update is live, so be sure to come by.