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Genshin Impact update 4.4 adds artifact loadouts and lets you make more teams

Another welcome round of improvements has been revealed
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HoYoverse has revealed another wave of improvements for Genshin Impact that will come to the open-world RPG with the release of update 4.4 on January 31, 2024. Among these are some of the most-requested features by the community, such as the introduction of options to fast-equip artifacts and create custom artifact loadouts for your characters.

Update 4.4 will add a button to the artifact section in the character menu that will equip the figure with appropriate artifacts in one click. The game will choose the equipment based on collected data from the entire player base, which should hopefully guarantee that effective gear is chosen. However, you can alternatively create a custom loadout for each character, choosing specific artifact attributes you want the game to consider when equipping the figure for you.

Genshin Impact's Chevreuse looking down the sights of her musket.

Gearing up is going to be easier than ever in Genshin Impact 4.4.

You can even choose to include artifacts that already have been equipped by another character, which basically makes swapping pieces between your characters available in a single click – these are some extremely nice changes.

Another area of improvement will be the Serenitea Pot. HoYoverse has reorganized all available furnishings into different categories to make filtering for specific pieces easier, which has really become necessary due to the ever-growing amount of items we can put into our homes. At the same time, optimizations have been made to the editing screen’s lists, which now remember where you left off and show you high-priority companions first.

Here’s another one that’s been requested by the community for ages: You’ll finally be able to create more teams. Update 4.4 will increase the available slots for parties to 15, which should save you a lot of time since you won’t have to swap characters around as often anymore – though you will see those great animations they introduced a while ago less often as well.

In terms of smaller quality of life features, the game will remind you to collect your daily rewards from Katheryne after you’ve finished your adventure encounters – something a sizable amount of players seem to forget. You’ll also be able to go from one character trial run to the other without having to exit the current stage first, smoothing that process out.

On the technical side we’ve got the introduction of a borderless window mode for the game on PC as well as some model precision optimizations on all platforms.