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Ghostrunner 2 was profitable after one week

Polish developer One More Level disclosed some good news
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One More Level and 505 Games’ cyber ninja game Ghostrunner 2 has to be one of this year’s highlights for fans of action games, earning a deserved nomination at The Game Awards 2023. Fortunately, the game not only seems to be a success in terms of critic and user score: In just five days after launch Ghostrunner 2 raked in $6 million USD in revenue, recouping the cost of development and grossing close to $2 million USD in profit, Game World Observer reported based on financial disclosures from One More Level.

The studio did not divulge any details on the number of sold copies just yet. While the numbers of the original game still look a lot more impressive than the sequel’s – stats like current players and all-time peak are clearly in favor of the first title – this is nevertheless a piece of good news for an industry that seems to be starved of such as of late.

Ghostrunner 2 screenshot of a trail of corpses.

Ghostrunner 2 is the ultimate cyber ninja experience.

505 Games, which acted as the publisher for the title, was recently in the news due to its parent company Digital Bros announcing substantial job cuts, so the success of Ghostrunner 2 should hopefully lift some of the doom and gloom.

This marks another successful launch for a Polish game developer – with companies like One More Level, CD Projekt Red, and 11 Bit Studios the country’s development scene is becoming an international powerhouse in the industry.

Ghostrunner 2 is a step up from the original in most aspects, adding some features to make it more approachable and expanding the available pool of action set pieces with the addition of adrenaline-pumping bike sequences – you can read more about it in our Ghostrunner 2 review.

It’s available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. More content for it is expected to be released in the coming year.