Into the Breach meets Dieselpunk in Grit and Valor – 1949

A real-time tactics game with alt-history flair
Milky Tea / Megabit

It’s 1949 and not only is WW2 still raging across the world, the Nazis seem to have the upper hand because some of their Wunderwaffen are actually working – they successfully invented mechs, enabling them to invade Britain. Though the allies are yet to field their own mechs to mount a counterattack, the resistance in Britain, Scandinavia and other occupied territories is fighting back with captured German mechs.

This is the premise of Grit and Valor – 1949, a Dieselpunk take on chess-like real-time tactics games like Into the Breach. Coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S in 2025, the title is being developed by Milky Tea, published by Megabit, and contains roguelike aspects to enhance replayability.

Players can dive into single-player runs in different regions, such as Britain and Scandinavia, which will present them with different enemy types, battlefield conditions, and rewards every time. Its roguelike meta progression allows users to unlock additional mechs and pilots for their runs, changing the way they can approach battles.

Grit and Valor - 1949 screenshot of mechs battling each other.
Battle for supremacy on small, grid-based maps with threats emerging from all sides. / Milky Tea / Megabit

Pilots come with their own unique abilities, which always stay the same regardless of the mech they’re steering – opening up varied strategies when you try them out in different mechs. Broadly speaking, the game is balanced around a rock-paper-scissors mechanic with three mech types that counter each other. 

Battles take about five minutes each and have you defend your primary target from waves of foes, challenging you to position the right mech at the right place and the right time to counter incoming threats. However, randomly assigned bonus objectives appear on the maps as well, spicing things up and granting additional rewards. These can be of a defensive nature as well, but may also require you to take out certain targets or occupy a specific area on the map, among other possible goals.

Grit and Valor – 1949’s mech designs look pretty cool and are reminiscent of those found in Iron Harvest, a real-time strategy game in the mold of Company of Heroes with a similar premise.

Marco Wutz


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