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Nvidia announces Half-Life 2 RTX

Nvidia has announced a new RTX project, this time it's Half-Life 2 but with ray-tracing

Over the past few years, Nvidia has created a number of exciting projects to show off its ray-tracing technology as it becomes more commonly used in the gaming industry. Minecraft RTX showed how beautiful even a game with low-resolution textures could look with ray-tracing, and last year’s Portal RTX made Apature Science look better than ever before, also serving as a solid remaster of the classic title.

After the success of Portal RTX the team behind it is moving onto bigger tasks, as they announced on Tuesday that work has officially begun on Half-Life 2 RTX. The project is still very early in development, but their goal is to make the game’s world shine like never before, with plenty of the game’s unique setpieces sure to look incredible.

While Portal RTX was released just a few months after it was announced, it’s fair to expect Half-Life 2 RTX to take a while longer, as the game is far bigger, contains much more complex environments, and is community-made.

Still, when it eventually comes to fruition it will serve not only as a testament to what RTX can do, but also as the Half-Life 2 remaster we never got.