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Team17 and Cover 6 studios have apologized for a recent trailer for Hell Let Loose that was shown off in PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show earlier this week, after fans and viewers alike slammed the trailer for being kind of terrible.

The lengthy apology notice was published to the game’s Steam page, where the studios apologized that the trailer for the upcoming content update, called Devotion to Duty, “[fell] short of expectations.” The studios also apologized for a number of issues in recent patches, pledging to be more transparent with known issues and committing to fixing the game.

“What we’d hoped would be an exciting and immersive trailer for our next update has unfortunately fallen short of expectations,” the apology reads, “We understand that you were eagerly awaiting the trailer, and we deeply apologize for the disappointment, frustration, and sense of let-down felt among the community.”

If you’re wondering how bad a trailer could be that it requires a lengthy, 400-word apology, it’s honestly not that bad at first glance. If you were only half paying attention, it wouldn’t look out of place in a sizzle reel or scrolling through Twitter. If you actually take a look at it though, it’s in pretty rough shape.

Textures are looking pretty low-res, the camera movement is nauseating, and animations are rough or entirely absent — multiple characters have been said to be A-posing. The voiceover isn’t exactly great, either. It’s just very messy, pretty clearly unfinished, and probably should not have been shown off during a major games show. Combined with long-running bugs and issues with the game itself, and you can see why an apology came about.

If you haven’t heard of Hell Let Loose before, it’s a 50v50 multiplayer WW2 FPS game initially developed by Australian studio Black Matter after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It got picked up by Team17 for publishing, who then handed the title over to UK-based Expression Games after buying up the IP. Team17 also opened up a new development studio, Cover 6, to help develop the game.

It was ported to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2021, but the console version remained behind the PC version for almost a year before finally catching up in 2022.

It’s got pretty decent reviews on Steam overall, with 85% of over 60 thousand reviewers giving it a thumbs up on the platform. More recent reviews have been mixed though, with users complaining that the game got worse after Team17 took over the IP.