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Helldivers 2 developer is looking to beef up team for quicker content updates

Arrowhead is accelerating its plans after launch success
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Arrowhead Game Studios has struck gold with Helldivers 2, its new co-op third-person shooter for PC and PS5. Despite some teething issues that can be ascribed to the game being a good deal more popular than even the most optimistic estimates accounted for, players continue to flock to the title and the developer is trying its best to sort those problems out.

Arrowhead CEO and Helldivers 2 game director Johan Pilestedt is already thinking ahead to the time after that has happened, though. With so many players enjoying the game, it seems like he wants to accelerate the studio’s existing plans for content updates as much as possible.

Helldivers 2 screenshot.

The only good bug is a dead bug. Would you like to know more?

“With the success of Helldivers 2, we are going to start looking for more amazing developers that can help us accelerate and beef up our content plans. Jobs will be going up soon, but if you are a senior dev there's always the ’open application’. Enlist today with Arrowhead,” he wrote on social media.

This might be a wonderful opportunity for some of the developers caught up in the massive layoffs in recent months.

Helldivers 2 crossovers not on the agenda right now

One thing players shouldn’t expect any time soon from Helldivers 2 updates are crossovers, of which Pilestedt said the studio didn’t yet know if they would ever do any. He seems opposed to more exotic crossovers like the ones found in series such as Call of Duty.

“We would never do anything that turns this game into a mockery of the IP. Even though we are a tongue in cheek, farcical, over the top, silly, nostalgic, satire, parody game – we know where the limits are before you break the immersion and style of the game,” Pilestedt wrote in a dialog with some fans online. He said that he’d veto such ideas “even at the cost of short term profit.”

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