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High on Life is the latest major game to land on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's premium video game subscription service. 

In it, players are whisked away to an alien planet after Earth is invaded by creatures who want to smoke humans like a blunt. 

You become a bounty hunter who fights with a range of potty-mouthed sentient weaponry, who all talk like they've been transported out of a Rick & Morty episode. 

The game didn't do particularly well with critics, but fans seem to be lapping its fourth-wall-breaking humor up. 

It's now more popular on Xbox Game Pass than Minecraft, FIFA 22, and Halo Infinite. Out of all the FPS games on the service, it's the king. 

This data comes from the PC Game Pass app, which shows the most popular games by download numbers. 

On Steam, where players pay the full price of $60, it currently has a "very positive" user review rating, despite many of the reviews saying it's not worth the asking price. 

If $60 is too steep for you, a month's subscription to Xbox Game Pass is a fraction of that price for access to hundreds of games, with High on Life included as part of that subscription.