Honkai: Star Rail Myriad Celestia Trailer for Firefly brings Evangelion, Star Wars vibes

Magnificent, aren’t they?

Mark this day in your calendar, because it was today that we found out that Honkai: Star Rail’s Firefly is neither the only Firefly, nor the only Sam in the universe of HoYoverse’s space RPG. 

The newest Myriad Celestia Trailer – titled “Presently, Beneath a Shared Sky of Stars” – gave viewers a glimpse into Firefly’s life before she joined the Stellaron Hunters and included more Evangelion and Star Wars vibes than anyone signed up for.

We already knew that Firefly was a genetically engineered supersoldier created by the Republic of Glamoth in its fight for survival against the Swarm, but we had no idea that Glamoth’s feared Iron Cavalry was basically the clone army from Star Wars – only cuter. We even got Adin Russ voicing all the different Sams, just like Dee Bradly Baker and Temuera Morrison voice all clones throughout Star Wars media.

The parallels don’t end there: Like Kamino’s clone troopers, Glamoth’s soldiers were made as full-fledged human beings capable of emotion and critical thought, but with an artificially shorter lifespan – in the form of that syndrome Firefly told us about on Penacony. They also don’t get names and are instead assigned numbers. Firefly, for example, was born as AR-26710.

Oh, you need more? At some point, Glamoth transitioned from being a republic into an empire, since the strains of the war made it drift further into authoritarian rule. Democracy on Glamoth probably died with thunderous applause.

Firefly and her Evangelion-inspired crew seemed to be getting along very well, finding moments of humanity between the brutal battles they were fighting against the Swarm. Discovering their individuality, they have no qualms about going against the strict orders imposed on them.

Honkai: Star Rail Type-5 SAM.
Firefly and her comrades were all made from the same genetic material, leading to similar looks. / HoYoverse

Another cool reveal we got is that there are plenty of variations of the Strategic Assault Mech out there, even more advanced types than the one Firefly uses – like the final mech that showed up, which was a Type-5 mech.

Could some of Firefly’s comrades still be out and about in the time the game is set? Possibly – but that trailer sure had a lot of death flags and Acheron said that she’s met a bunch of former Iron Cavalry (and she generally meets people in the afterlife), so don’t get your hopes up.

We may find out more about them in the upcoming Animated Short for Firefly, who is set to debut as a playable Honkai: Star Rail character in update 2.3.

Marco Wutz


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