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Genshin Impact maker HoYoverse released a new Honkai Star Rail trailer teasing the return of two fan-favorite characters in the RPG. The trailer introduces Seele, her deadly scythe, and her even deadlier attitude, and roughly halfway through, Bronya shows up. The trailer doesn’t name her, but fans recognized who the silver-haired sharpshooter was in an instant.

“My jaw dropped when bronya [sic] appeared,” one commenter said. “Theyre such a power couple.”

Those familiar with Honkai Impact were excited at the surprise inclusion, with one commenter saying the two were destined to be together for all time. One said the fact that even different universes couldn’t separate Seele and Bronya was the most heartwarming thing ever. Others pointed out that this Seele wasn’t quite the same as the one in Honkai Impact 3rd.

In that game, Seele is two people. One is an orphan, a timid girl who grew up with Bronya as her roommate and relied on her friend for protection. The other is Veliona, a much more violent and capable person who would do anything to keep Bronya safe. That’s the Seele who shows up in the new Star Rail trailer.

Their relationship remains platonic in Honkai Impact, though only just, and it certainly hasn’t stopped fans from creating all manner of tales about the two warriors’ love story.

Character crossovers in HoYoverse games are pretty much standard at this point, even though they often play different roles and even have different personalities in each game. Genshin Impact, for example, features several characters from Honkai Impact, including Fischl, Venti, Yae Miko, and Kazuha.

HoYoverse's newest RPG launches on April 26, 2023, for PC and mobile devices. A PS5 version is planned for a later date.