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Honkai: Star Rail update 1.6 will remove Daily Missions from Battle Pass

Check out the changes coming with the next version
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HoYoverse has detailed the changes and quality of life improvements coming with Honkai: Star Rail update 1.6 on December 27, 2023. Among these are substantial changes to Daily Training and Daily Missions in the Nameless Honor Battle Pass. Starting with version 1.6, Daily Training will offer you an increased number of eight missions to choose from. The developers stated that the refreshment logic would be optimized as well, so you should have missions that support you in your current goals every day.

Daily Missions will be removed entirely from the Nameless Honor Battle Pass. Instead, there will be a Weekly Mission about consuming 100 Trailblaze Power, which you can repeat until you’ve hit a cap of 1,400 Trailblaze Power per week. Hitting that maximum amount will net you a total of 4,900 Nameless EXP, so you’ll be able to earn a similar amount of Battle Pass XP as before.

Honkai: Star Rail Xueyi holding a glowing sword.

Xueyi is one of the new characters coming with update 1.6.

The developers provided more details on the previously announced universal upgrade material, Tears of Dreams. You’ll be able to exchange Tears of Dreams at a 1:1 ratio with base materials for Trace upgrades, so one Tear of Dreams equals one Shattered Blade, three Tears of Dreams equal one Lifeless Blade, and nine Tears of Dreams equal one Worldbreaker Blade. Every user will receive 150 Tears of Dreams via in-game mail after update 1.6 is out, so be sure to claim them.

HoYoverse is making it easier to farm for characters whose materials only become available in regions deeper into the game starting with the coming update. After version 1.6 is out everyone will be able to directly teleport to the Stagnant Shadows that provide the necessary materials to level up Blade, Ruan Mei, and Xueyi even if they haven’t discovered these locations yet. This “Early Access,” as HoYoverse calls it, will be available for four weeks.

Aside from these changes, the developers have made a bunch of minor improvements that should make playing the game a better experience. You’ll notice that you’ll also be able to have up to nine teams in the Team Setup screen now, which is pretty nifty. If you missed out the limited-time event “Tales of the Fantastic to Conventional Memoir” from a few versions ago, you’ll be able to replay it now as well.

Honkai: Star Rail update 1.6 on December 27, 2023, with Ruan Mei, Xueyi, and Dr. Ratio debuting – and you’ll get the latter for free in the second half of the version.