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It’s difficult to get exact financial numbers from HoYoverse, the company behind hit games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, because the Chinese developer and publisher is not a publicly traded company – it’s still owned by its original group of founders and investors. That’s why the company doesn’t have to disclose much of its financials to the public and anyone with interest in such topics has to piece together information from questionable sources.

However, we finally got some reliable information about HoYoverse’s finances in a report by the Chinese newspaper Guangming Daily (via /u/LuminaRein), which contained some information about China’s 30 leading companies in entertainment and culture – of which HoYoverse is one.

According to this report, HoYoverse posted a revenue of $3.844 billion in the financial year 2022, making a net profit of $2.27 billion in that year. That’s on Genshin Impact and the studio’s older titles alone and doesn’t figure in the highly successful 2023 launch of Honkai: Star Rail just yet.

While many publicly traded companies in the West like Activision Blizzard and EA have higher revenues than HoYoverse, they can’t match the Chinese juggernaut in profits: The Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush maker had a net income of $1.858 billion in a similar timeframe, while EA’s money-printing sports titles and other products brought in “just” around $802 million as net profit.

HoYoverse is still lagging behind Tencent, though with a much smaller portfolio in games that’s not really a surprise. With Honkai: Star Rail seemingly surpassing Genshin Impact in revenue and a PS5 release of the game looming, HoYoverse is assured to have a fantastic 2023 as well.

The studio is already working on another highly-anticipated title called Zenless Zone Zero, which has the potential to be a global success, too.