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The Steam Summer Sale 2023 isn’t the only source of hot video game deals at the moment: A Humble Choice subscription for $12 a month nets you eight video games that would cost you nearly $200 if you were to purchase them under the usual circumstances. These PC games will be added to your Steam library for good if you get them through the membership, so if any of them tickle your fancy then subscribing for a month might be a good idea.

Here are the games included in Humble Choice July 2023:

  • The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition
  • TemTem
  • Yakuza 4 Remastered
  • Roadwarden
  • Kraken Academy!!
  • Merchant of the Skies
  • Ozymandias
  • Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate

Shotgun King is a funny take on chess in which you play as the Black King – but your entire army turned its cloak and deserted to the White King, so you’ll have to clean the board with a shotgun while dodging checkmate.

Ozymandias is a solid little strategy game set in the Bronze Age that streamlines things a lot and is a bit like a board game. It’s not very complex, so if you’re on the market for an objective-driven, casual strategy title, this is one to watch.

Another highlight is Roadwarden, a very well executed text-based RPG with a good story and some clever puzzles – yes, you’ll have to read a lot, but it’s worth it. Merchant of the Skies puts you in the role of captaining a flying merchant ship, challenging you to build a trade empire above the clouds, while Kraken Academy!! is an adventure RPG tasking you to solve a mystery at your new school.

The three most prominent items on the list are worth checking out as well: The Outer Worlds is a RPG made by the masters at Obsidian, you’ll have heard of the Yakuza series if you haven’t lived under a rock in the last decade, and TemTem is a Pokémon-like playable on PC.

You can get the Humble Choice games for July 2023 on the official website.