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Ibai signs Ronaldinho for Twitch soccer league team

Another star joins Kings League
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Usually it’s just esports that comes to mind when one thinks of competitions broadcasted on streaming service Twitch, but the Spanish Kings League is proving to be a popular exception. Kings League is a seven-a-side soccer league, which means that instead of eleven players, each team fields seven athletes per match. There are also a bunch of special rules to spice things up, such as unlimited substitutions, penalty shootouts, and more.

The league, which has been running since January 2023, has been a great success with over a million people regularly watching the matches, which are played out offline in Barcelona. A dozen teams, all headed by internet stars or notable soccer personalities, take part.

Ibai and Ronaldinho.

Ibai and his newest recruit, legendary soccer player Ronaldinho.

Thanks to one of the special rules, which states that teams can invite a guest players for each match, a bunch of huge soccer stars have already appeared in the competition: Sergio Agüero, who is also the chairman of the Kunisports team, took to the field in person, as did Iker Casillas, who is the chairman of 1K FC.

Ibai Llanos, who is among the biggest Twitch streamers in the world, has now announced that he was able to sign Ronaldinho, a former world champion and Ballon d’Or winner, for his own Porcinos FC.

TheGrefg is another massive Twitch star who runs a team in the league, which is called Saiyans FC. Both Saiyans and Porcinos are currently at the top of the standings, each having won six of their seven matches so far, proving that the two video game stars have a good hand at picking their players.

The next day of matches is scheduled for February 26, 2023, and could see Ronaldinho’s debut.