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Kojima will follow up Death Stranding 2 with PHYSINT

And it sounds like he’d rather want to make a movie instead
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Defying the trend of announcing games closer to their release date instead of far in advance, Hideo Kojima already revealed plans for what his studio will do after Death Stranding 2 – so expect the project codenamed PHYSINT to actually become relevant in 2030 or so when we have the PS6.

Everyone’s favorite eccentric game developer called it “a completely new ‘Action Espionage’ for the next generation” and remarked that it would be the third original IP coming from Kojima Productions since the company’s foundation in 2015.

“It will be created using cutting-edge technology and the best talents from around the world, both from film and video games,” Kojima explained. “Of course this is an interactive ‘game’, but the look, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion, sound, etc... are all at the next level of ‘Digital Entertainment’ that could be called a ‘movie’.”

What I’m gathering from this is that Kojima wants to make a movie really badly and that his new project will have a high production quality, which both aren’t hugely surprising revelations. There is also the fact that he accompanied this statement with a picture showing PHYSINT placed right below the sign above the Columbia Pictures studios, indicating his likely production partner.

This announcement followed yesterday’s State of Play broadcast, which contained a trailer for Death Stranding 2: On the Beach and the information that the title would arrive in 2025.