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After the success of the recent Dead Cells Castlevania crossover, Konami’s Tsutomu Taniguchi told IGN they want more Castlevania in the future.

“We tried to bring back the games that people loved and cherished with the Castlevania Anniversary Collection and the Castlevania Advance Collection,” Taniguchi said. “But we know that our fans always want more, and we do too, so this opportunity to have this amazing crossover with Dead Cells was impossible to pass up on.”

Whether that means a new Castlevania may eventually be in the works or just that Konami is open to working with other partners in the future is unclear. For some of its other properties, at least, Konami’s strategy seems to be reviving classics and letting others handle them. During Konami’s Silent Hill broadcast in 2022, the publisher announced several projects in partnership with other studios, including writer Ryukishi07, of Higurashi and Umineko fame.

Not just any developer can work with or use a Konami property, though, as the publisher is fairly selective.

“Knowing that Dead Cells, which is among the greatest indie games of the past ten years, was inspired by Castlevania is a huge source of pride for us," Taniguchi said. "When Evil Empire and Motion Twin came back with their full-DLC proposition instead of just this short featuring we weren’t really surprised and we were hoping for that to be honest. And we just thought we had to let them go full circle, because we knew they would use every ounce of their talent to honor the franchise.”

And it seems like Taniguchi’s faith wasn’t misplaced either. Our reviewer called the Dead Cells expansion the best Castlevania in years, and not just because it’s the only Castlevania game in years either.