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Larian narrows the Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox release date

That's one World Premiere down

Larian Studios finally narrowed down the Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox release date a little and promised a full reveal at The Game Awards 2023. The studio shared a brief post on Twitter and said the current plan is to launch BG3 on Xbox sometime in December 2023.

“Xbox players, we hear you’re looking for more news on Baldur’s Gate 3,” Larian said in the post. “The game is on track for a December release. We’ll see you at The Game Awards for the World Premiere of the exact release date.”

This year's award show airs on Dec. 7, 2023, and The Game Awards nominees are already up if you fancy voting while you wait.

The news comes nearly three months after Larian released BG3 on PS5, which itself was a month after the RPG launched on PC. The studio previously said BG3 was late on Xbox on account of challenges getting multiplayer and split-screen play functioning as well on Xbox Series S as it did on Xbox Series X. While Xbox head Phil Spencer later said they put no feature requirements on publishers, Xbox’s publishing guidelines require parity for major features between Series X and Series S.

Multiplayer is a significant feature in BG3, so whether Spencer’s policies or Larian’s own fastidiousness is the reason, it’s no wonder the studio decided to delay the Xbox release.

When BG3 does come to Xbox, it’ll launch with all the updates currently available on the PC version – and there’s a lot of them. Larian has improved performance in the demanding third act, fixed bugs that cut entire questlines and wiped out hundreds of lines of character dialogue, and finally made your relationship with Minthara – one of the more interesting BG3 romances – viable. 

Mostly. It’s still a bit bugged, though.