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Last Epoch release date announced for February 2024

Promising hack ‘n slash RPG will graduate from Early Access
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Eleventh Hour Games’ hack ‘n slash RPG Last Epoch has been a promising genre entry for fans for a while now thanks to its positive development in Early Access. Originally, the title was set for its full release in December 2023, but game director Judd Cobbler has now announced that Last Epoch will be fully launched on February 21, 2024.

Last Epoch, famously, has been created with heavy input from its very active community on the internet platform Reddit. “After a journey that started with the dream of uniting genre enthusiasts to create the next great ARPG and forming an after-hours team through Reddit,” Cobbler wrote on the game’s official forum, “to holding a successful Kickstarter 18 months later, and then building Last Epoch alongside our passionate community throughout Early Access… we’re confident in saying that we’ve made something truly special.”

Last Epoch MOBA game screenshot

Last Epoch finally has an official release date.

Beyond the substantial update to version 1.0, the developers want to regularly deliver something fresh to players of Last Epoch. Such updates, called Cycles, will come “every few months” and contain “additions and refinements to many aspects of the game, such as end-game content, skills, unique items, gameplay systems, quality-of-life features, etc.”

The delayed release date has less to do with anything on the development side, it seems, and more with a crowded holiday release schedule the studio wants to avoid: “We understand that February is later than we had initially targeted for this release; however, our original December timeline became a bit crowded with other studios’ releases, and we didn’t want to force the ARPG community to have to choose. By moving our date, we’ll also be able to take advantage of a few more months of polish for our new systems and classes, complete more bug-fixing, and reinforce our team with a restful and well-deserved holiday break.”

Last Epoch will launch with five classes that split off into a total of 15 mastery classes, twelve of which are already implemented in the game currently. Each of the more than 120 skills in the game has its own skill tree, allowing players to customize their gameplay style heavily.

Last Epoch is already available in Early Access for PC via Steam. For more titles coming next year, check out the video games releasing in 2024.