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Last Epoch sold one million times during Early Access, 1.0 pre-order now live

Action RPG is nearing its full release
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Action RPG Last Epoch, which hopes to bring the heat to genre kings like Diablo and Path of Exile, will graduate from Early Access on February 21, 2024. Eleventh Hour Games revealed details on the title’s pre-order phase on January 19, 2024, showing players the bonuses they gain access to when purchasing the game ahead of launch – that’s possible now via Steam.

In addition, the developer made the happy report that Last Epoch had already sold one million copies during Early Access, which is a mighty result for the studio. “We’re honored and humbled that the Last Epoch community has grown to one million players,” commented Judd Cobler, founder and CEO of EHG as well as game director on Last Epoch, in a press release. “Being fans of the genre first and foremost, we’ve always kept close to our community and tried to reflect the needs and wishes of the players as we craft an action RPG for the ages.”

Players will have several options for buying Last Epoch 1.0, including the Standard Edition that will maintain its current price point of $34.99 USD. Pre-ordering this edition will net players the Golden Guppy, an exclusive pet to accompany them in the game.

The Last Epoch Deluxe Edition, which costs $49.99 USD, throws some goodies on top of the Golden Guppy: Buyers get access to the full game soundtrack in digital format and receive 50 Epoch Points as well as a triple threat of additional cosmetics – the Adolescent Chronowyrm pet, Fallen Ronin armor set, and Firefly’s Refuge portal.

Super fans may want to look at the Last Epoch Ultimate Edition for $64.99 USD – still cheaper than many triple-A games’ standard versions these days – to get all of that mentioned content plus another batch of items. The Ultimate Edition nets you 100 instead of 50 Epoch Points and comes with the additions of the Twilight Fox pet, Adult Chronowyrm pet, Temporal Guardian armor set, and Celestial Way portal.

You can basically open your own zoo in Eterra with this version of the game.

Steam will provide upgrade options for the million players who already own the Standard Edition and may want to grab those exclusive cosmetics as well – so don’t worry, you won’t have to pay the full price again.

Finally, EHG announced that a Twitch Drop program would run throughout launch week, enabling players to earn two additional pets as well as to cosmetic capes by simply watching streamers play Last Epoch. You can find the Last Epoch Twitch Drop schedule on the official website.