Lego Horizon Adventures brings Aloy from Forbidden West to Switch

And it looks so cute

Lego announced Lego Horizon Adventures during Summer Game Fest 2024, an adorable Lego adaptation of Sony’s Horizon Forbidden West featuring Aloy, the heroine of Forbidden West, along with a talking hot dog because why not. It looks like as much a mix of the Horizon formula as it does Lego, and you can expect it to launch sometime around the holiday season in 2024 for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

That’s right, Horizon Forbidden West is (sort of) coming to Nintendo Switch. It’s a surprise move and even more surprising for not showing up at Sony’s own State of Play.

Anyway, Aloy takes on quests in the beautifully realized Lego version of her rich and varied world, and those include taking on blocky machines that might not behave quite like their Forbidden West counterparts, but they still pose a threat. Aloy has her trusty bow to take on enemies with and a range of gadgets and doodads, and Horizon Adventure re-adapts the story of Elisabet and the dystopian apocalypse she sought to prevent.

It’s still a Lego game through and through, though, so expect plenty of lighthearted jokes and weird little guys alongside the sci-fi narrative – and plenty of building. You can leave your mark on Mother’s Heart and construct whatever kind of building you can imagine, no matter how incongruous it is with the world of Horizon.

Josh Broadwell