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Paradox delays Life By You early access date for extra polishing

Paradox is no longer offering pre-orders, either

Paradox Tectonic announced it’s delaying the Life By You early access date a few months so the team can refine the life-sim game even further. Assuming no further delays take place, Life By You will launch in early access on the Epic Games Store on June 4, 2024, three months after the original planned date.

Those who pre-ordered the game can obtain a refund, and Paradox closed early access pre-orders on the Epic Games Store.

You can still wishlist Life By You on Epic and Steam, and anyone who buys the game will get the Life Begins and Nightlife Vibes packs, both of which Paradox previously offered as pre-order exclusive bonuses.

Paradox Tectonic made the announcement in a brief statement, and studio founder and Sims 2 lead Rod Humble posted a video message explaining what the delay will help the team accomplish.

Humble said that character proportions and details are top on the improvements list, as the team works to increase character customization options and bump up their quality. An issue Humble noticed frequently was tied to clothing, which tended to clip through other articles of clothing and objects. Building models and the creation interface are also getting some tweaks to make the process smoother.

Paradox Tectonic aims to make Life By You a cutting-edge life sim, one with mod tools built into the game, an open world with new loading screens a la The Sims 3 (except it actually functions), and a robust suite of customization and relationship options to tailor the experience as you see fit.

That said, Humble said you can still expect some bugs and issues when Life By You does launch. It is an early-access game, after all.