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Manor Lords will be released in April 2024 and come to Xbox

Highly anticipated city-building and RTS hybrid finally has a date
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Upcoming city-building game Manor Lords finally has a release date, launching on April 26, 2024, into Early Access for PC. It’ll be available via PC Game Pass on Day 1 and has been announced to come to Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass at a later date at the Xbox Partner Preview.

Developer Slavic Magic and publisher Hooded Horse have partnered up with Microsoft to port the title over to consoles, adding another very promising indie game to the catalog. You can watch a trailer revealing the release date alongside some gameplay impressions below:

Manor Lords is a visually beautiful and detailed city-building game set in 14th century Europe. Players are tasked with setting up a functioning village that fulfills the needs of its population. Featuring an economic system with complex production chains, lords will have to ensure a smooth interplay between local resource collection and trade in order to meet the people’s demands, which grow over time as the village becomes more prosperous.

A real-time strategy component is added by the combat element – you may know that medieval Europe wasn’t always a peaceful place and that’s represented in the game by different types of threats such as bandits or rival lords. Players will need to deal with these threats to protect the prosperity of their lands, so equipping and training their troops for the Total War-esque battles is a crucial factor.

Manor Lords screenshot showing an army forming up for battle.

Manor Lord features Total War-esque battles with an eye for authenticity.

However, war always comes at a cost – and while a medieval lord can call upon a retinue of hardened soldiers to make up the core of an army, most troops will be regular men called to serve under the banner for a short period of time. They won’t be able to work while they’re out campaigning and of course any death will leave a hole in your production chains – which then poses another risk to your town’s well-being.

It’ll be up to you to navigate these and other challenges a local feudal ruler is facing, like disease and the seasons, when Manor Lords releases for PC on April 26, 2024.