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You could certainly do worse than the solid Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset if you’re looking for a piece of headgear for your Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or PC – especially when it’s off by 50%. You can currently grab the Xbox Wireless Headset, which usually costs $99.99, for just $49.99 over at Walmart.

There’s no indication of when this deal is going to run out, so if you’re in the market for a headset right now you better don’t think about it too long.

While the microphone on this headset isn’t exactly considered top tier, this piece of equipment does a fine job in terms of sound quality and wearing comfort – it weighs 1.4 lb, so it doesn’t press you down and is pretty light overall. The headband is adjustable to fit differently sized heads. As long as you don’t throw it against the wall in a fit of rage it’ll last you for a while as well.

The headset comes in a standard matte black color scheme with some green accents on the earpieces and the shiny black Xbox logo on the sides. Since it’s a wireless headset there are no cables to worry about. You can use this headset with any audio device with Bluetooth capabilities, so it can fulfill its duties with your phone just as well.

Volumes can be adjusted via the rotating earpieces or the Xbox Accessories App on your phone.

Microsoft promises a battery life of about 15 hours. The headset uses an internal battery that can be charged up.

On the Walmart online store, the headset has 318 reviews and is rated with 4.4 out of 5 stars – not a bad score at all.