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Millennia release date set for March 2024

Players may dive into the turn-based strategy game sooner than expected
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A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one: Upcoming turn-based strategy game Millennia has received a March 26, 2024, release date, which means it’ll be available for players in a month – probably a lot sooner than expected.

Developed by C Prompt Games and published by Paradox, the game recently released a demo during Steam Next Fest, which showed off its great mechanical promise. You can read more on that in our Millennia Steam Next Fest impressions.

Millennia key art showing a crowned skull laying in the desert sands.

Millennia is heading for a March 2024 release.

Millennia will be available for PC at a price of $39.99 USD with a Premium Edition costing $59.99 USD. As a pre-order bonus for both versions, players will receive the game’s original soundtrack. What sets the Premium Edition apart from the regular one is that it will automatically give access to the first two planned expansions for the game. It also contains a pair of unit cosmetics, which provide some extra drip to your warbands and archers in the early phase of the game.

“Elevate the presence of your units in Millennia with the exclusive Wolfpack Warband and Eagle Archers clothings,” the cosmetic pack’s description reads. “Available instantly with the Premium Edition, this clothes pack unlocks unique wolf skin clothing for your Warband. Your Archer Unit receives eagle-inspired clothes, symbolizing their precision and keen sight.”

Millennia’s first two DLC packs are called Ancient Worlds and Atomic Ambitions. Together with the cosmetic pack, they make up the Expansion Pass included in the Premium Edition – this is nothing new in terms of business models, as many of Paradox Interactive’s recent releases are following this formula, among them Crusader Kings 3 and Age of Wonders 4.

Millennia is coming to PC via Steam on March 26, 2024, and will be perfect for genre fans who are patiently waiting for Civilization 7.