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The Monster Hunter series is making its debut on mobile devices in the future thanks to a new partnership between Capcom and Timi Studio Group.

Monster Hunter has been incredibly successful since the release of 2018’s Monster Hunter World, which is currently Capcom’s overall best-selling game with 18M units sold. It seems inevitable that the franchise would eventually show up on mobile devices, and Timi Studio is facilitating that.

Games like Monster Hunter Stories and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite have previously been available on mobile and tablets, but this looks set to be a game built from the ground up with mobile devices in mind.

Timi was founded in 2008, and is currently owned by Tencent. It has developed popular games including Honor of Kinds, Arena of Valor, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Pokémon Unite.


Monster Hunter’s gameplay lends itself well to online multiplayer hunts with four players, which can be translated well to mobile, but the length of the hunts will need to be drastically shortened in order to make them playable in quick bursts.

We don’t currently have an estimated release date for Monster Hunter mobile, but it seems as if the partnership has only recently been realized, meaning we could be waiting several years before finally being able to play Monster Hunter mobile for ourselves.