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Most Morrowind mods improve textures or add new questlines, but a new mod from creator VIVII has a bit more meaning attached to it. Their first Morrowind mod is a memorial to their mother, who died in January and was, they say, an avid fan of The Elder Scrolls. 

It's called “In memory of my Mom” and is available on NexusMods,

The mod adds a shrine in Seyda Need, near Morrowind’s tutorial area. VIIVII said they chose the location because their mom “always suffered from a severe case of restartitis,” a "condition" common among series fans where they can’t help but create a new character and restart their favorite Elder Scrolls game instead of making progress with an existing character.

Like other shrines in the sandbox game, this one offers temporary sanctuary from the world’s troubles and heals you of any afflictions. VIIVII also added a note in the shrine that says their mom can live on in every adventure now.

“The funniest part of me making this for my mom is she never played with mods and now her memory will be one,” VIIVII said in the mod’s description. "Biggest thing I can tell you is call your parents and tell them you love them. You never know how much time you have with them.”