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Remember when MultiVersus toppled every record for fighting games on Steam, earned praise for its snappy rollback netcode, and shipped highly anticipated update after update? That’s all in the past now. Just like the developer announced back in March 2023, MultiVersus is now offline. Those who’ve still downloaded the game on their systems will be able to enjoy the offline mode with all content being unlocked, but online play is no longer possible.

According to the developer, the ‘Open Beta’ of the game has concluded as planned and the title will return at some point in 2024.

However, some former players of the title have their doubts about that, claiming the developers were just calling this initial launch a test because the game fell off a cliff a few months after its release – release, many emphasize, that included the option to purchase a battle pass, which is not usually available during a beta test.

After the fantastic start, MultiVersus slowly began falling off: Updates came less frequently and the game’s tech seemed to degrade as well, with matches definitely no longer feeling like they were supported by rollback netcode. The developers had also decided to double the required XP to gain battle pass level and complete challenges, making progression a total grind.

All of these aspects led to rapidly falling player numbers, which went below 1,000 at points.

That leads some players to believe that MultiVersus was just quietly shut down for good, never to return.

As of now, that is just pessimistic speculation. Fans of the game can only hope that the developers will take their feedback seriously and return to strength in the coming year – after all, the idea of Batman being beaten up by Shaggy is too hilarious to leave resting forever.