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NCSOFT reveals trailers for four major games at G-Star 2023

South Korean studio unleashes a barrage of updates
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South Korea’s biggest video games convention, G-Star, is currently taking place in the nation’s capital of Seoul. As one of the country’s largest developers and publishers, NCSOFT naturally came out swinging for the event, releasing trailers and information on four major projects it’s currently working on, codenamed Project G, Project LLL, Project BSS, and Project M.

Check out all of the trailers and updates about the upcoming games from NCSOFT at G-Star 2023 below and be sure to come back over the next couple of days as more information will be released over the course of the convention.

Project BSS – collectible RPG

Project BSS is a collectible RPG using the Blade & Soul setting. Combining aspects of action and adventure gameplay, it focuses on players fielding strategic team formations of characters, which are capable of adapting to changing combat conditions. The game features a somewhat anime-inspired style reminiscent of HoYoverse games like Genshin Impact. It’ll be available on PC and mobile devices.

Gameplay scenes shown in the trailer depict a cooldown-based character switching mechanic, elemental abilities, boss battles with several players working together, and spectacular ultimate animations.

Project LLL – open-world third-person shooter MMO

Project LLL wants to offer players “an unparalleled shooting game experience” with “epic battles” inside a “vast and dynamic environment.” NCSOFT promised that players would find a large variety of weapon and skill combinations to use in this mix of open-world MMO and third-person shooter for PC and consoles.

The trailer shows gameplay action in an impressive, futuristic setting. Players seemingly can use vehicles on the ground as well as in the air alongside a variety of gadgets. Among the available vehicles seem to be mechanized walkers. NPC enemies populate the world, which also features destructible elements like fuel barrels.

Project M – action adventure

Not much information has yet been shared on Project M, an upcoming action adventure game for PC and consoles. The trailer shows a leather jacket-clad protagonist that could have been ripped straight out of a Korean drama series operating in an amusement park environment. He takes down enemies in unarmed melee combat sequences as well as with firearms.

There appears to be a zombie element of some sort as well, as many of the enemies just seem to shamble towards the hero, trying to get in on the melee action. Some can take several shots to their face as well before going down.

Project G – real-time strategy

Project G, which was announced earlier this year and looked like a combination of Supreme Commander and Direct Strike, will be released for PC and mobile devices. It got a fresh trailer as well, showing off large-scale combat as well as features like a guild system.

There seems to be a huge team battle mode featuring a strategic map players can use to coordinate their movements and attacks.

More information on all of these projects is expected to be released in the coming days as the convention goes on and various panels take place.