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Need for Speed Unbound is getting an update that’s bound to be a bit controversial, as it adds both a new battle pass system and an in-game store to the racing title from EA and Criterion while deleting any progress you’ve made so far in the multiplayer rankings. You can kiss your rank 99 goodbye and start from the bottom. At least you’ll get some in-game cash from EA as compensation, so all your efforts were not completely in vain.

The new ranking system, called Speed Pass, is modeled after your regular ole’ battle pass, which means its rewards are only available temporarily. It contains 75 levels offering cosmetic items such as clothes, wheels, decors, banner items, driving effects, and more. Reaching the milestone at level 50 nets you a legendary custom Dodge Viper vanity piece.

The in-game store coming to Need for Speed Unbound contains three item packs ranging from a price of $5.99 to $14.99, which all contain different cosmetic content pieces. There’s nothing that would boost your performance during the game’s activities. A purchase will automatically add ten levels to your Speed Pass as well.

However, the update isn’t all about making more money: Link Up, a new 16-player co-op mode, is coming to the game as well. You’ll find random Link Up events at seven different locations on the map every four to eight minutes and can complete the challenges contained within these events to get extra XP.

You and the other players need to work together to reach the challenge’s objectives, such as getting a certain amount of time in the air by making stunts or knocking out a certain number of containers and so forth. The goals actually scale depending on how many players are matched in the current event, so don’t worry about objectives being too difficult if you didn’t get a full lobby. Naturally, the cops will come in to ruin the fun after a while, adding another element to each of the challenges.

As for quality-of-life features, Need for Speed Unbound will get a chat wheel as well as a fast travel option with the upcoming update alongside a host of balance changes and other small adjustments.