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Companies just can't get enough of online games where people can spend all of their time and money. Now Netflix is entering the arena, according to some recent job adverts. 

Netflix Games Studio, which was announced a month ago, is hiring people to work on an unannounced PC game, utilizing Unreal Engine. 

The company is looking for an art director, a game director, a live service manager, and more. 

"The right candidate will bring industry-leading craft expertise and attention to detail to generate the vision for a game that is high quality, emotionally resonant, iconic, and full of heart," the job advertisement for a game director says. 

"Creating a great game that players want to come back to repeatedly is our primary goal - you will be able to create, ship and run a game without any competing design constraints due to monetization."

As well as mentioning that the game will run in Unreal Engine, the job advert also says that experience with FPS games and third-person shooters "is preferred". 

All we know about the team at Netflix Game Studio outside of these snippets is that it's headed up by former Overwatch executive producer Chacko Sonny.

Thanks, MobileGamerBiz.