Netflix announces Minecraft animated series in partnership with Mojang

The Minecraft show will feature an original story with new characters
The animated Minecraft series will debut on Netflix.
The animated Minecraft series will debut on Netflix. / Mojang

Netflix and Mojang Studios are developing an animated Minecraft series. The news was announced by the streamer in celebration of Minecraft's 15th anniversary. The announcement was accompanied by a teaser video from Netflix.

Netflix states that the series will feature an original story with new characters, so don't expect Minecraft Steve or other iconic characters to feature heavily in the show. The series is being developed in partnership with WildBrain, a production company with a focus on kid's entertainment programming.

The studio is known for adapting popular gaming franchises for Netflix, including the likes of Sonic Prime and Ninjago: Dragons Rising. Not much was revealed about the show except that it will be a CG-animated series, so don't expect a presentation like Pokemon Concierge which was achieved through claymation.

Default Minecraft characters on a blue background
The Minecraft live-action movie will include Steve, while the animated show will have new characters. / Mojang

While Minecraft is fifteen years old, the franchise continues to grow on PC, consoles, and mobile platforms thanks to passionate fans. The series has seen various spinoffs released following the original, including games in different genres like Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends. On Minecraft's fifteenth anniversary, Microsoft celebrated the franchise by offering discounts on various games, while Google added fun minigames to Search and YouTube.

As for when the show will debut, the streamer did not announce any release date. Given that a Minecraft live-action film, starring Jack Black and Jason Momoa, is also in production, it seems likely that the animated show will be released following that. The Minecraft film is slated to release in theaters on April 4, 2025.

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