We're finally getting a new Astro Bot game on PS5

And it looks brilliant
Sony Interactive Entertainment

It seemed almost inevitable we’d see a new Astro Bot game at the May 2024 State of Play, and Sony delivered with an adorable trailer for the new PS5 game. It’s called simply Astro Bot, and it’ll launch on Sep. 6, 2024, exclusively for PS5. 

Sony didn’t indicate whether it plans to bring the new Astro Bot game to PC at some point, though since the company wants new games on their console first, it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

The new Astro Bot game looks like the PS5’s pack-in Astro’s Playroom, by which I mean it’s absolutely bursting with imagination and style. Astro Bot is essentially a 3D platformer a la Super Mario Odyssey, but in between running, jumping, and throwing bosses off floating platforms, Astro Bot dances, dresses up, fires little pixel pistols, flies on a DualSense controller – and that’s just a few little samples.

Also like the pack-in game, the new Astro Bot game sees the little robo paying homage to PlayStation’s core franchises. In addition to having a PS5 starship, we see them with Kratos’ axe, dress up as Parappa the Rapper, and even tackle some Nathan Drake style challenges.

It’s all very cute and a refreshing way to end the showcase after seeing so many games that looked essentially like variations of the same thing. 

Sony hasn’t announced a price point for Astro Bot yet.

Josh Broadwell