New Destiny 2 The Final Shape trailer is peak sci-fi drama

The Witness isn’t going down without a fight

Bungie released a new Destiny 2 The Final Shape trailer ahead of the FPS game expansion’s June 4, 2024, release date, and it’s crammed with so much space drama. At the center of the spectacle 10 years in the making is The Witness, the voice of darkness who might just have found a willing ear among Destiny 2’s heroes at last.

The trailer opens with a crowd of innocent people going about their daily lives before a force turns them into statues with the added insult of splitting their heads open – not fun for anyone. The Witness is kicking off the final phase of their plan, we’re told, which involves turning reality into eternal stillness.

There’s a lot of drama among Ikora Rey and the gang, as they resolve to bring the conflict against Darkness to a close without losing any more friends, a task that seems rather unlikely given the gravity of the situation and also the fact that we see Ikora getting shot and Zavala potentially succumbing to the Witness’ silvery words.

That scene and a few others, plus early teases of a new dungeon, point to a renewed emphasis on horror and creepiness that we haven’t seen in Destiny for a long time, and it certainly looks more promising than 2023’s rather barebones Lightfall. If nothing else. there's stronger visual variety and maybe more than a few jumpscares and body horror nightmare scenes in store.

Josh Broadwell