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Nightingale release date set for February 2024

Inflexion Games’ survival crafting game is headed for Early Access
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Nightingale has been revealed to go into Early Access on February 22, 2024, during Opening Night Live at gamescom 2023. Inflexion Games’ debut title will be released on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store for a price of $24.99. CEO Aaryn Flynn, formerly the General Manager at BioWare, admitted that this launch date comes a few months later than initially anticipated by the studio, but said that it was more important to live up to players’ expectations.

Set in an intriguing world mixing fae elements with Victorian aesthetics, Nightingale is a survival crafting game in which players – the Realmwalkers – find themselves cut off from their previous home and must find a way to reconnect the realms. Naturally, all sorts of monsters inhabit this strange new world they find themselves in. Players share their procedurally-generated worlds with others, so this game is not your traditional single-player experience. It’s still going to be story-driven and feature quests, but the focus lies on player autonomy.

Nightingale players looking at the moon.

Nightingale will open its doors in February 2024.

Early Access is supposed to be able to give the community the opportunity to influence the final stretch of development – in addition to securing some likely needed funds for the studio that has been working on this project for five years now, changing directions several times.

We’ve previously discussed Nightingale with Aaryn Flynn, who made some surprising revelations about the inspirations for the title’s mechanics.